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Ariadne Climate provides a registry administration service enabling sellers and buyers of Upstream Emissions Reductions to connect with one another enabling the trading of UERs.

Our registry provides a repository for the UERs enabling transparency and avoiding double counting.

The Problem and Solution


The use of Upstream Emissions Reductions (UERs) as a mechanism for organisations who are required to comply with the European Fuel Quality Directive is governed by conditions.

One of these is to ensure that the double counting of UERs between EU Member States is avoided. At present, an EU level database or registry does not exist.

The Certification Bodies, who verify the number of UERs which projects generate, have an obligation, for a particular monitoring period, to confirm to the EU Member State which will issue the UERs that they have not been used to fulfil an obligation within another EU Member State. Given that a central registry does not exist, it is not possible to definitively confirm that double counting of UERs has not taken place.


The solution to this problem is by use of the registry that we have developed and will administer. In simple terms the registry operates as follows:

  • The Sellers have accounts into which the issued UERs are deposited.
  • Buyers have accounts into which the purchased UERs are deposited.
  • The Certification Bodies provide the registry with the verification reports confirming various details regarding the projects and the verified UERs.
  • The registry administrator will allocate each UER with a unique identifier and will issue and credit those to the seller’s accounts.
  • Sellers and buyers conduct their financial transactions outside of the registry and only enter into the registry how many UERs have been purchased and from which projects.
  • If the user has a compliance position, UERs which are used for compliance with the FQD, in the various member states are transferred to a Compliance account. Information regarding the UERs used for compliance can be sent to the Member State directly from the registry.

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About us

The founders of Ariadne Climate are specialists in the areas of Climate Change, Sustainability software development.

Collectively, they have close to a century’s worth of experience in these areas and particularly with projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Members of the team are former heads of the Climate Change Departments within Verification Bodies and senior advisors to the UNFCCC.

Our registry has been developed by members of the team who have significant experience in this specialised area and have developed the registries and solutions which are used to administer CDM projects at the UNFCCC.

Reliable, traceable and operable arrangements for carbon markets: for UER and beyond

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